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Daylight provides cheminformatics toolkits, applications, web services, and database systems that are infinitely customizable to accommodate the needs of a wide variety of specialized scientific applications. Specific tools can be used to add new capabilities to an existing environment, or combined to build a comprehensive chemical information system. Our software offers an open architecture to allow it to seamlessly integrate new components and methods with products from other leading life science software vendors. Our goal is to provide our customers with the tools to easily assemble a chemical information infrastructure to their own set of requirements, thereby achieving efficiency and competitive advantage.

Database Systems
DayCart® is a fully integrated set of tools that extends Oracle and PostgreSQL clients and servers with chemical intelligence

THOR-Merlin is a database system designed to store and retrieve chemical information in a efficient, rational, and convenient manner.

Daylight's chemistry applications can be run independently as command line applications, or can be integrated into DayCart®. Web Services
Daylight Web Services deliver network access to a series of chemistry-oriented programs based upon many of the Daylight application and toolkit features.

Daylight toolkits provide an object-oriented programming library used to deliver cheminformatics capabilities to in-house applications. Wrappers
Daylight Wrappers eliminate the need to to be a C-programmer in order to access the chemical information processing functionality of Daylight software. These threadsafe wrappers allow programmers to use object-oriented languages like Java and C++ to easily interface with the Daylight Toolkit Package library.

Daylight distributes selected database content in SMILESTM format.