Elsevier MDL
Available Chemicals Directory
Chemical Sourcing Database

The Available Chemicals DirectoryTM provides chemists with an efficient way to find supplier and pricing information for both research-grade and bulk chemicals. ACD includes over 480,000 unique chemical substances representing over 1.3 million individual chemical products from over 670 suppliers, making it the largest structure-searchable database of commercially available chemicals. ACD includes several Lipinski Rule data fields (including Rotatable bonds, H Donors, H Acceptors, and Molecular Weight). It contains information on purities, forms and product grades, units, and prices. It also includes complete contact information for suppliers and their distributors.

ACD is available in DayCart®/Oracle import format and in Daylight's TDT format for THOR/Merlin users.


ACD is licensed on per-user and on an annual subscription basis.

System Requirements
  • Daylight Database Software release 4.7x or later
  • Requires approximately 950MB of disk space