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THOR-Merlin System
High-performance chemical information database system

THOR is a database system designed to store and retrieve chemical information in an efficient, rational, and convenient manner. THOR is designed specifically for chemical information processing; the primary key used in the database is the molecular structure as defined by its SMILESTM. Designed to robustly handle any type of chemical information, independent of quantity or complexity, THOR is widely used by researchers who demand speed and chemical intelligence.

Merlin is a high-speed exploratory data analysis program, designed to explore today's large chemical-information databases. Merlin treats a database as a single unit and performs operations (e.g. searches and sorts) on the whole database using an English language scripting/programming language (Merlin Control Language or MCL). By using high-speed in-memory techniques, Merlin performs these tasks with unprecedented speed.

  • Runs on a network environment
  • Extremely fast data retrieval time using 34-bit addressing for large databases
  • Minimal storage requirements provide space efficiency
  • Data can be accessed by all possible types of identifiers in constant time
  • Built-in processing to efficiently handle chiral, tautomeric, 3-D, and reaction data
  • 34-bit addressing for large databases
  • Flexible display of text, 2D and 3D graphics
  • Structure input via SMILESTM or graphic entry (GRINS)
  • Super and substructure searching on any given pattern
  • Similarity and string searching
  • Operates entirely in memory for high speed performance using 64-bit addressing
  • Several pre-packaged databases are available from Daylight
  • A THOR-Merlin toolkit is available as a programming interface to the servers