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User's Manual - Oracle
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Evaluating DayCart®
Chemical intelligence for the relational database environment

DayCart® is a fully integrated set of tools that extends Oracle and PostgreSQL database management systems with chemical reasoning ability.

DayCart® chemical utilities (normalizations, data conversions, comparison functions) supply the pieces required to manage chemical data in a relational database.

DayCart® seamlessly takes care of all of the chemistry. The paradigms used within DayCart® match those that developers and DBAs already use and understand; the general database processes are called as functions of the object-relational database management system used.

DayCart's® architecture and design integrates with the database server in a fully compatible fashion. There is no need for any external components to operate. You can use your own tools - such as JDBC - without any changes. These tools will now understand chemistry.

  • DayCart® is fast - because it uses SMILESTM, it executes string searches with optimal performance.

  • DayCart® is fast - because it uses multi-threading technology for the compute-intensive subgraph algorithms (contains and matches).

  • DayCart® is scalable - again because it uses SMILESTM, it has no quantitative limits. It remains robust over data sets of millions of substances. Partitioned indices can be used to further improve performance.

  • DayCart® offers a range of operators on the database (except search, similarity, etc.) from within the SQL language. DayCart® automatically stores and searches reactions - no special add-ons are required.

  • Fast fingerprint indexes for Tanimoto, Tversky, Euclidean distance, and user-defined similarities are provided.

  • DayCart® provides optional functions to convert between Daylight and MDL formats for import/export and to compute molecular properties and tautomers.