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MUG '03 links


25 Tuesday
26 Wednesday
27 Thursday
28 Friday
8:30 Continental breakfast in breakout room

Yosi Taitz, Daylight

Dave Weininger, Daylight

Daylight Release 4.81
Jack Delany, Daylight

Managing Merlin-like hitlists with Daycart
Craig James, Moonview Scientific

A High Throughput Discovery Platform
Joseph Cohen, Senomyx

Software Architecture to Support the Compound Discovery Process
Mike Richards, Senomyx

Planet - Protein-Ligand Association Network
Scott Dixon, Metaphorics

Empath - Metabolic Pathway Chart
Vera Povolna, Metaphorics

Fedora - Federation of Research Assets
Dave Weininger, Metaphorics

CHILE lectures
Dave Weininger, Green Chile Productions

Plans / Futures
Jack Delany

10:30 Coffee, tea, snacks, and discussion

HTTP Toolkit
Michael A. Kappler, Daylight

Property Package
John Bradshaw, Daylight

Licensing Features
Juniper Hunter, Daylight

cQSAR -> Daycart
John Kinney, Dupont

A Consortium Approach to Toxicity Prediction
Steve Muskal, Libraria Inc.

Tudor Oprea, Sunset Molecular Discovery, LLC

Capturing Chemistry - WYSIWYG in the World of Mechanism and Chemical Transformations
Stephan Schurer, Libraria Inc.

Yet Another Enumeration Tool
Atipat Rojnuckarin, ArQule

Group Photo

Open discussion
12:00/12:30 Lunch at hotel, 12:30 on Tuesday, Thursday
and 12:00 on Wednesday

Daycart Databases
Dave Wilbur, Daylight

Structure Clustering Using Asymmetry
Norah MacCuish, Mesa Analytics

Twisted SMILES? Proposed Conformation Codes
John McLeod, Dan Peters

HTTP Toolkit Workshop
Michael A. Kappler, Daylight

Free afternoon

Horseback Riding at Bishops Lodge  

"Me and Issac Newton"
A film by Michael Apted
conference room, 2:30-4:00

Good Clean Fun; SOAP
Mark Duffield, Astra Zeneca

Web-services for Cheminformatics
Paul Wallace, GlaxoSmithKline

Using Descriptor Counts in Clustering
Robin Hewitt

Tuneable Similarity
David Gange, Row2 Technologies



Hands-on & demos     Hands-on & demos    
5:00 Free evening  
Banquet at Bishops Lodge
  5:00: Drinks
  6:00: Dinner
Partner Demo Session, Hacking, etc. 7:30p

Andrew Dalke, Dalke Scientific

Modgraph Demo
Rashmi Mistry, Craig James, Modgraph Consultants, Ltd.

Dan Rosewater, Deltasoft Inc.

Warren DeLano, DeLano Scientific

Mesa Analytics
John MacCuish, Norah MacCuish


Daylight Chemical Information Systems, Inc.