MUG '03 -- 25 - 28 Feb, 2003

cQSAR -> Daycart

John Kinney


cQSAR -> DayCart

John Kinney, Dupont, Alka Kurup, Pomona College, & David Hoekman, D. H. Consulting

The cQSAR database is a collection of references, structures, and statistics for QSAR studies published in the literature. The collection was started by Corwin Hansch in the '60s, and has evolved over the years from punch cards to a Merlin-like system running under VMS. In an effort to make the system more generally available to researchers, a project has been undertaken to convert the database to a relational database with full DayCart support. This talk will present an overview of the database, followed by a discussion of data conversion and schema issues and a demo of the current state of the database.

Presentation slides:

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