Tuesday-Friday, 24-27 February, 1998
Eldorado Hotel, Santa Fe, New Mexico

Welcome to MUG '98

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Agenda VII (we're packed!)

By popular demand, we will be reverting to a more conventional schedule this year, i.e., day meetings and free evenings. (The GRC schedule may work well for camping in New Hampshire, but we've been turning MUG meeting rooms into mass postparandial crash sites.) As a special treat this year, our guest speaker will be Douglas Adams (yes, really ... the author of Hitch Hiker's Guide to the Galaxy, etc.) He'll be speaking Wednesday evening at the banquet at the Ski Lodge, don't miss it!

24 Tuesday 25 Wednesday 26 Thursday 27 Friday
8:30 Continental breakfast in breakout room
9:00 Welcome to MUG '98
Yosef Taitz

Dave Weininger

"Talking the Talk"
Intro to Daylight 101

Jeremy Yang

Reaction system
Jack Delany

4.6 license managment options
Roger Critchlow

Blaney, Dixon, Weininger

The global pillage
Roger Sayle, Metaphorics

Hitch hiker's guide to chemical space
Anthony Nicholls, OpenEye

Planning session
Patent data

The challenge!
Linda Clark, Derwent

The finesse?
Dave Weininger


10:30 Coffee, tea, snacks, and discussion
11:00 Daylight's information resources
Norah Shemetulskis

Ragu Bharadwaj

perl, tcl, python and guile

Roger Critchlow

Database integration
Norah Shemetulskis

Oracle8 data cartridges
Sam DeFazio, Oracle

Informix datablades
Jean Anderson, Informix

Fun with datablades
John Cargill, Ontogen

Adding non-structural data into fingerprints
John Bradshaw, Glaxo-Wellcome

Recursive SMARTS for synthetic chemists
Geoff Skillman, UCSF

Reaction-based combinatorial synthesis tracking
Meixiao Liu, Abbott

Future directions
Bigger words
Ragu Bharadwaj

More platforms
Jack Delany

System 5.x
Dave Weininger


12:30 Break at 12:30 for group lunch at hotel.
Computers and an Internet connection will be available in the break-out room all afternoon every day.
Hands-on systems available.
2:00 SIG: LogP
CLOGP history
Albert Leo, BioByte
LogPow calculations
Yvonne Martin, Abbott
Calculation browser
Mark Bures, Abbott
Dave Weininger

3:30 Special session*
Data management in biotechnology
Pat McGreevy, DataAspects
ChemBench electronic labjournal
Christian Rufener, Roche
Daylight tools in CORBA-based SYNERGY
Lisa Staggenborg, NetGenics

Check for other events.


Datablade workshop
Norah Shemetulskis


The diversity web
Bernd Rohde, Novartis

Diversity Explorer
Matt Hahn, MSI

3:00 Reaction toolkit workshop
Jack Delany
Accord for Excel linked to Daylight
Tony Cook, Synopsys

Smilin' Chemdraw plugin
Stewart Rubenstein, CSC

4:00 Java workshop
Ragu Bharadwaj
HTS visualization using self-organizing maps
John Elling, Bioreason

Kevin Cross, CAS

5:00 Break by 5:00.
Meet in hotel lobby at 5:00 for group transportation to Ski Lodge,
or get map to banquet.
Open discussion
5:30 Break at 5:30 Break at 5:30
7:00 Free evening

Computers available breakout room

Banquet at Santa Fe Ski Lodge
6:00 open bar, 7:30 dinner, 8:30 guest talk:
Living in a Virtual World
Douglas Adams, Digital Village
Free evening

Hacker session in breakout room

Daylight Chemical Information Systems, Inc.