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MUG '02 links

Agenda I

The MUG '02 schedule will be similar to previous years'. This agenda is preliminary and is guaranteed to change.

26 Tuesday
introductory &
current release
27 Wednesday
IT oriented
28 Thursday
science oriented
29 Friday
future planning
8:30 Continental breakfast in breakout room
9:00 Welcome
Yosi Taitz, Daylight

Dave Weininger, Daylight

Daylight "101"
Jeremy Yang, Daylight

New Cartridge Features
Jack Delany

VERDI - An Extensible Cheminformatics System
Pat Walters, Vertex

10:30 Group Photo

Docking Session
Scott Dixon, Metaphorics

Not Quite Random
Dave Weininger, Metaphorics

HTTP Toolkit
Dave Weininger

Plans / Futures
Jack Delany

10:30 Coffee, tea, snacks, and discussion
11:00 What's New in Verson 4.73
Michael A. Kappler, Daylight

Cartridge Overview
Jack Delany, Daylight

Contrib Overview
Jeremy Yang, Juniper Hunter

Integrated Compound Management at GNF
Elena Rodriguez, GNF, Chris Palmer, Managed Ventures

Maya Binun, Senomyx

Dynamic Web Form Interface to DayCart
Mike Dippolito, Deltasoft

Capturing the Complexity of All Organic Chemistry
Stephan Schuerer, Libraria Inc.

Directing Compound Selection
Man-Ling Lee, Anadys

A Similarity Investigation
Yvonne Martin, Abbott Labs

Open discussion
12:30 Break at 12:30 for group lunch at hotel.
Computers will be available in the break-out room every day.
2:00 Fedora
Dave Weininger

A Taglib tool for Rapid Web Development
Ragu Bharadwaj, Daylight

Virtual Chemical Stores
John Bradshaw, Daylight

Guest Lecture:

Microarray Technologies - Present and Future
George Maracas - Motorola Life Sciences

GADDwiCC: GA-based Druglike Database with Combinatorial Chemistry
Michael A. Kappler, Daylight

Incorporation of 2D Coordinates in THOR and Merlin Applications
Michael A. Kappler, Daylight

SMARTS Visualizer
David Cosgrove, Astra Zeneca



Hands-on & demos     Hands-on & demos    
5:00 Free evening  
Banquet at the Museum of Int'l Folk Art:
  5:30: Docent-guided tour
  6:00: Drinks, entertainment
  7:00: Dinner
Hacking, Demos, Posters (7:30p - ???)



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