MUG 2005

The 2005 Daylight User Group Meeting will be held March 9-11 in Coronado, CA.

Our three day format includes one afternoon of training and demos, followed by two full days of presentations from Daylight staff and Daylight users. Users will present talks on the work they are doing utilizing Daylight software. These presentations offer the opportunity to share and learn on a peer-to-peer level with other Daylight users. Daylight staff will present on new developments and directions for Daylight. All individuals interested in Daylight, regardless of their level of experience or familiarity with our software, are invited to attend.

Daylight staff will be offering an informal training session on Wednesday, March 9, 2004.

MUG will take place at the Coronado Island Marriott Resort, Coronado, CA. Please contact the hotel directly to make room reservations. A rate of $199 will be available to meeting attendees who make their reservation prior to February 15, 2005.

Coronado Island Marriott Resort
2000 Second Street, Coronado, CA 92118.
Phone # (+1)-619-435-3000
FAX: (+1)-619-435-4183

Registration fee is $375 for the entire meeting; however, this fee will be waived for our supported customers, business partners, and academic users. If you meet any of these qualifications, please request that your fee be waived when registering. Registration includes breakfast and lunch each day and dinner Thursday evening. Payment should be made to our California office as indicated on the registration form. Credit card payments will be accepted.


Wednesday 9th March - Afternoon
12:00 Lunch at La Riviera Pool
1:10 Training Session in the Marius Room, Juniper Hunter
4:00 Discussion/Q&A
Thursday 10th March - Morning
9:00 Welcome, Dave Weininger
9:15 Daylight 4.8, John Bradshaw
9:45 DAYCONVERT: A Daylight-Centric Conversion Tool for Chemical Information, Michael A. Kappler, Daylight
10:15 Morning Break
10:45 Daylight 4.91/Futures, Jack Delany
11:15 Fingerprints and Clustering, John Bradshaw
11:45 Discussion/Q&A
12:00 Lunch
Thursday 10th March - Afternoon
1:30 Getting it Right -- Keeping it Right. Registration Systems for 21st Century Chemistry, Graham Lock, Modgraph Ltd
2:15 Large-Scale Chemical Data Integration System, Gaia Paolini, Pfizer Global Research and Development (PGRD)
2:45 Afternoon Break
3:15 Rapid Application Development using InforSense Open Workflow and Daylight Technologies, Anthony C. Arvanites , InforSense, Ltd.
3:45 Chemical Information Models, Dave Weininger
4:30 Discussion & Wrapup
Friday 11th March - Morning
9:00 Assay Development to Product Candidates: A Savory Journey on an Integrated Discovery Process, Joe Cohen, Senomyx, Inc.
9:45 Integration of Chemoinformatics and Fragment-based Lead Discovery, Kashif Hoda, Structural GenomiX, Inc.
10:15 The Efficient Enumeration of Reaction Networks, Mike Wainwright, Modgraph Ltd.
10:45 Morning Break
11:15 Creme de la creme enrichment: Exploiting the synergy between structure-based (SBDD) and ligand-based (LBDD) design. Steven Muskal, Sertanty, Inc.
11:45 StructureBrowser: Surfing shape & structural property landscapes, Ragu Bharadwaj, Vertex
12:15 Discussion/Q&A
12:30 Lunch
Friday 11th March - Afternoon
2:00 Cabinet and CARD: Federated Access to Chemical and Biological Data ,Scott Dixon, Metaphorics, LLC
2:45 Getting Data to the People Who Need It, Robin Hewitt, Hewitt Consulting
3:15 Afternoon Break
3:45 WOMBAT and Pharmacokinetics, Tudor Oprea, University of New Mexico School of Medicine
4:15 Biomolecular Data in the Public Domain?, Klaus Gubernator, eMolecules, Inc.
5:00 Discussion & Wrapup

Daylight Chemical Information Systems, Inc.