EuroMUG '96 Home Page

Tuesday, December 17th and Wednesday, December 18th
Ciba-Geigy, Basel, Switzerland


Tuesday morning, 17 December: "Overview and news"
8:30 Coffee and registration
9:00 Welcome!  Dieter Poppinger/Ciba, Dave Weininger/DCIS
9:15 Overview of Daylight 4.5 Release  Jeremy Yang/DCIS
9:45 Reaction databases  Jack Delany/DCIS
10:30 New Merlin and Thor capabilities  Dave Weininger/DCIS
11:00 Daylight collaboration roundup  Yosef Taitz/DCIS
11:15 SciFinder/Gemini-Daylight integration  Kevin Cross/CAS
12:15 (break for lunch)

Tuesday afternoon, 17 December: "User presentations"
1:30 Poster introductions and announcements  Dave Weininger/DCIS
* Abraham's general solvation equation Julian Dixon/University College
* 3D descriptors in diversity calculations Susan Boyd/MSI
1:45 Sandoz Gemini-Daylight implementation  Therese Vachon/Sandoz
2:15 WebLab  Matt Hahn/MSI
2:45 Smiling Java  Bernd Rohde/Ciba
3:15 Leads from large DBs  Alberto Gobbi/Ciba
3:45 (coffee break)
4:00 Spresi reaction databases  Heinz Saller/Infochem
4:30 Hierarchical clustering  John Barnard/BCI
5:00 Open discussion  all
5:30 Close

Wednesday morning, 18 December: "Toolkits and demos"
8:30 Announcements  Dieter Poppinger/Ciba, Dave Weininger/DCIS
8:45 Daylight toolkit programming and dayperl  Jeremy Yang/DCIS
9:15 Reaction toolkit, combinatorics & other tricks  Jack Delany/DCIS
10:00 Coffee and schmooze
10:30 New projects and database strategies  Dave Weininger/DCIS
11:45 Database (& contrib?) roundup  Jeremy Yang/DCIS
12:15 (break for lunch)

Wednesday afternoon, 18 December: "Hands-on and demos"
1:30 Informal demos, discussion groups and hands-on use all afternoon
  • Database caching, access control and security  Jeremy Yang
  • Basic toolkit programming  Dave Weininger
  • Reaction toolkit programming  Jack Delany
  • Scifinder/Gemini demo  Kevin Cross
  • Reaction-based combinatorics prototype  Matt Hahn
  • DCGI toolkit  Dave Weininger
5:00 Open discussion  all
5:30 Close

Please send us yours if you're missing!