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EuroMUG 2001

12-14 September 2001
Cambridge, England


Wednesday morning, 12th September
10:00 Introduction to Daylight Session 1, Jeremy Yang, Daylight CIS Inc
11:30 Introduction to Daylight Session 2, Jeremy Yang,Daylight CIS Inc

Thursday morning, 13th September
9:00 Welcome and announcements John Bradshaw, Daylight CIS Inc
9:15 Introductions and Changes in Daylight organisation Yosi Taitz, Daylight CIS Inc
9:30 What's New in Version 4.72 Michael A. Kappler, Daylight CIS Inc
9:45 DayCart: Overview, Current State, and Work in Progress Michael A. Kappler, Daylight CIS Inc
10:30 Developing web applications for Daycart Ragu Bharadwaj
11:00 "Making tables from trees" - Building DayCart/Oracle tables from Daylight/Thor databases, Jeremy Yang, Daylight CIS Inc
11:30 DayBase - An end-user interface to DayCart® Rashmi Mistry, Modgraph Ltd

Thursday afternoon, 13th September
1:45 Seeking new compounds but intimidated by the size of the catalogue? How do we handle a continually growing population of over three million structures?, Dr Dave Langley, GSK
2:30 Current state of VCS project John Bradshaw, Daylight CIS Inc
3:30 Combinatorial Library Design Using a Multiobjective Genetic Algorithm, Val Gillet, University of Sheffield
4:00 Fedora Dave Weininger, Daylight CIS Inc
4:30 Dockit Scott Dixon, Metaphorics LLC
5:00 The Synthesis Design System WODCA as a Potential Front-End to Daylight Reaction Databases Matthias Pförtner, Molecular Networks GmbH
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Friday morning, 14th September
9:15 Fingerprint-Based And Graph-Based Methods For Similarity Searching In Chemical Databases, Peter Willett, University of Sheffield
10:30 YAMS - Yet Another Measure of Similarity John Bradshaw, Daylight CIS Inc
11:00 Finding lead compounds using extended chemical fingerprints , Martyn G Ford, University of Portsmouth
11:30 "Making HTML from Tables" - Building DayCart Interfaces with Perl, OCI and XML Michael A. Kappler, Daylight CIS Inc

Friday afternoon, 14th September
1:45 Flexible Query Builder for DayCart and other Relational Data Sources., Lewis Jardine, NetGenics UK Ltd
2:30 Surfing through searching, Jack Crawford, Managed Ventures LLC
3:30 Marketing initiatives Peter Nielsen, Daylight CIS Inc
4:00 Futures - 4.8- ports - platforms - languages - Ragu Bharadwaj, Daylight CIS Inc

Daylight Chemical Information Systems, Inc.