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Tips for Evaluating DayCart®

The following is a good set of steps to get you going; you will learn a lot about the capabilities and flexibility of DayCart® and you will end up with a useful set of tools at the end.
  • Take a snapshot of your corporate structure and/or reaction file, convert to SMILESTM if not already available, load into an Oracle table and create the indexes. Do some of your own performance benchmarking based on typical/desired queries from your users. These can be done in regular SQL (no user interface needed)

  • Build a simple interface using MS Excel/Query. On a PC, install the Oracle ODBC drivers. Connect to the Oracle server and construct and execute chemical queries using only off-the-shelf client tools. You can then integrate the ChemDraw plugin for rendering, etc.

  • Explore some of the automated 'interface-builder' tools that are available. Those that we have tested work well with DayCart®, so one can use them to rapidly prototype applications that handle chemistry and chemical searching

  • If these sound like the kind of tasks that you would like to pursue please contact support@daylight.com and we'll help you get started with them