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Daylight is focused on the development of informatics technologies for the life sciences, specifically the underlying tools and engines to power the chemistry throughout extendable systems.

We work on collaborative business ventures with leading software vendors, integrators, and content providers to mutually add value to our market propositions. Daylight has consistently provided an open architecture and encourages our customers to integrate the best tools and interfaces available to achieve specific functionality and ease of use.

Daylight is actively encouraging collaborations with leading, innovative software developers across the life sciences to incorporate our offerings, thereby gaining the superior chemistry of Daylight within their own environment. This may involve incorporating our toolkits fully into their product and/or interacting with a DayCart® enhanced Oracle system. We are also seeking collaborations with content providers who see a demand for their structural data in SMILESTM format.

At Daylight we believe our customers should have complete flexibility in designing and building a knowledge system that delivers a unique competitive advantage to the customer. We welcome proposals that aim to fulfill that goal.

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