Daylight Partners

BioByte Corp.
Once upon a time, Daylight emerged as a spin-off from the MedChem Project. Daylight continues to offer the MedChem ("masterfile") database, ClogP, and CMR software which are maintained and updated by BioByte Corp. and MedChem Project of Pomona College, Claremont, CA. BioByte also offers ClogP for the Mac, and the QSAR program.

ICG, Broad Institute of Harvard and MIT
The ICG is using DayCart® and the Daylight toolkit to develop a publicly available database of screening results, bioactivity information, and cheminformatics tools called ChemBank to assist biologists who wish to identify small molecules that can be used to perturb a particular biological system and chemists designing novel compounds or libraries, and serve as a source of data and tools for cheminformatic analyses.

Chemical Computing Group, Inc.
The Chemical Computing Group's MOE (Molecular Operating Environment) is a multi-purpose graphical toolkit for molecular modeling, utilizing CCG's SVL (Scientific Vector Language) for powerful and efficient algorithm implementations. CCG is interfacing MOE/SVL with Daylight's toolkits and database servers for an integrated modeling and database solution.

DeltaSoft, Inc.
DeltaSoft provides start-to-finish application design and development in the pharmaceutical & chemical research information systems area, as well as technical support and educational services. They have developed a Java-based form interface to DayCart®, and have experience integrating Daylight with Accelrys, MDL, Spotfire and other software.

Derwent Information
Derwent, an arm of The Thomson Corporation, maintains the WDI database, which is available in Daylight format

Eidogen-Sertanty offers a variety of databases, software and services supporting knowledge-based drug discovery - from understanding the patent real estate around the target of interest to the discovery of new and patentable drug candidates and from exploring virtual libraries to archiving reaction chemistry. Eidogen-Sertanty's platform LUCIA is designed to mimic the workflow of medicinal chemists, delivering relevant information when it is needed, yet leaving room for intuition in the drug discovery process.

Elsevier MDL
The ACD database from MDL is available in Daylight format.

InforSense is a leading independent provider of integrative analytics informatics platforms for data-driven decision-making. Mutual InforSense and Daylight customers benefit from the ability to rapidly compose and deliver applications that integrate diverse computational and data services. Potential cheminformatics application areas span the entire lead identification and optimization process. Rather than pipelining data, InforSense caches the full database at each stage in a workflow, providing the capability to explore specific sets of data throughout the process. Running on top of Daylight's Oracle chemistry cartridge - DayCart®- this integration combines the scalability, performance and superior chemistry of Daylight with the flexible and open workflow environment offered by InforSense.

Modgraph Consultants Ltd.
Modgraph Consultants Ltd. are a computer consultancy specializing in the pharmaceutical industry. They have developed a range of software solutions based on chemical databases together with their own proprietary communications protocols. Modgraph has substantial experience in developing compound registration systems and other applications using Daylight's THOR/Merlin toolkits and DayCart®, the Daylight Oracle data cartridge.

Oracle Corp.
Daylight and Oracle have cooperated to produce the Daylight/Oracle Chemistry Cartridge.

Spotfire offers Advantage Solutions that integrate with Daylight software for accessing chemical structures and property data. The Advantage Solutions offer interfaces to Daylight Toolkits and DayCart®, Daylight's chemistry cartridge for Oracle.

Ryoka Systems
Daylight is distributed in Japan by Ryoka Systems, a subsidiary of Mitsubishi Chemical Corporation. Ryoka has been a leading provider of life sciences scientific software and services in Japan for over fifteen years and has in-depth expertise in the field of cheminformatics.