MUG '96 Home Page

Tuesday 27 February to Friday 1 March, 1996
Eldorado Hotel, Santa Fe, NM

Aprés-MUG Notes and Additions:
  • The 1996 MUG Shots and Attendee List
  • Note that we're continuing to receive documents for inclusion with user-presenters pages linked to the agenda below.
  • 4.51 beta software is not accessible via this page, nor, at this writing, from the Daylight home page. Soon!

Welcome to MUG '96!

This year we are making heavy use of HTML and Web browsers, both in our latest version of Daylight software (4.42 and 4.51), and for our presentations. This "Home Page" contains links to our agenda, our talks and all of the new Daylight software. If you're not familiar with Web browsers, ask one of your fellow MUG attendees, or one of the Daylight Krewe for help.

A hyperlinked agenda follows. Two other good starting points are:


27 Tuesday 28 Wednesday 29 Thursday 1 Friday
8:00 Continental breakfast in breakout room
8:30 Welcome and overview

"The Plan:
v4.4 & v4.5"

Dave Weininger

"Overview of Daylight Software Release 4.42"
Jeremy Yang

Daylight Release 4.5

"New tools, new interfaces"
Dave Weininger

"Database and contributed program round-up"
Jeremy Yang

"News from Derwent"Jerome Goodwin

User talks

"Molecular evolution at work" Klaus Gubernator

"Daylight Toolkit in perl" Alex Wong

"SMILES are not the only root" John Bradshaw

"Stigmata applications"
John Blankley

Future directions




10:30 Coffee, tea, snacks, and discussion
11:00 Database servers

"New features of 4.42/4.51 Thor & Merlin servers"**
Craig James

"Daylight and NCSA servers: cohabitating but not married"
Jack Delany


"Toolkit representation", "transformations databases"," clustering and searching"
Jack Delany

User talks

"CICLOPS combinatorial data mgt." **Bernd Rohde

"Efficient protein and nucleic acid perception" Roger Sayle

"SACCS: Stat Anal of Comb Chem Sequences" Peter Shenkin

"Libgrins combinatorial data handling"** Eric Horlbeck

Evan Bolton

Open discussion
1:00 Group lunch at Eldorado each day
2:00 Unscheduled time to talk, ski, hack, demo software, email, visit museums, etc. Computers and a T1 internet connection will be available in the break-out room. Check bulletin board for announcements of software demos** and other events. Tear-down
7:00 User talks

"Library precursor selection"Robert Brown

"Fuzzy clustering"
Tom Doman

"CLUE cluster analysis"**
T.J. O'Donnell

"Clustering method comparison"
John Barnard

"Er, hello there..."
Anthony Nicholls


Banquet at Santa Fe Ski Basin. 5:00 bus from hotel, 6:00 open bar, 7:00 dinner.

Come early (or stay late) to play on the bunny slope, (we'll have tubes, toboggans, and snowboards).

Map to Santa Fe Ski Basin

Planning Sessions

Combinatorial data management: should we expand, revise, revamp or scrap CHORTLES?

Reaction mapping and scheme management: integrate or modularize?

** indicates that an afternoon demo or poster is also planned

Daylight Chemical Information Systems, Inc.