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MUG '04 links


24 Tuesday
25 Wednesday
26 Thursday
27 Friday
8:30 Continental breakfast in breakout room

Yosi Taitz, Daylight

Dave Weininger, Daylight

What's New in Version 4.83
Michael A. Kappler, Daylight

Windows Toolkits and Daycart
Jack Delany, Daylight

VERDI - An Extensible Cheminformatics System
Pat Walters, Vertex Pharmaceuticals

Building an Integrated Drug Discovery Platform with Daylight
John Walker, Infinity

Simple Searches Using BioLoom
Al Leo, BioByte

QSAR in Fedora
Dave Weininger, Metaphorics

Plans / Futures,
Jack Delany, Daylight

Platform Brawl
Conversion Toolkit
Linux clusters
Others - TBD

10:30 Coffee, tea, snacks, and discussion

Daylight Windows Toolkit Applications
Mike Wainwright, Modgraph Consultants, Ltd.

Contrib/Tutorial Overview
Juniper Hunter, Daylight

Modgraph Chemical Suppliers Catalog
Craig James, Modgraph Consultants, Ltd.

Improved methods for clustering and selection
John Bradshaw, Jack Delany, Daylight

Group Photo

Use of Chemical Similarity in Drug Discovery
Darko Butina, ChemoMine

Diversity-Oriented Synthesis
Jared Shaw, Harvard

Erik Brauner, Harvard

Open discussion
12:30 Lunch at hotel, 12:30 each day

Database Roundup and New Content
Heather Blumer, Daylight

WOMBAT: Mining the chem/bio interface
Tudor Oprea, Sunset Molecular Discovery, LLC

DayPerl2 - Teaching an Old Dog New Tricks
Craig A. James, Modgraph Consultants, Ltd.

A Systems Approach to Prioritizing the Synthesis of New Compositions of Matter
Steven Muskal, Sertanty Inc.

Daylight-Spotfire Integration
Ed Tobin, Spotfire

The DayCart Component Collection for SciTegic's Pipeline Pilot
Rob Brown, Scitegic

Assembling Off-the-shelf Components Into Useful Applications
T.J. O'Donnell

Shard - A library for Archive Archeology
Joe Ochterski, Neurogen Corp.

SimNav: The Similarity Navigator
Tudor Oprea, UNM School of Medicine

Large molecule presentation and performance
Scott Dixon, Metaphorics

Magnet: from Prototype to Product
Hanneke Jansen, Chiron Inc.

4:00 Hands-on & demos
(bring your laptop)

Fedora tutorial
Vera Povolna, Metaphorics

PyMol tutorial
Warren DeLano, DeLano Scientific

From 2D based Descriptors to QSAR and Classification Approaches
Darko Butina, ChemoMine

Guest Speaker:
DNA microarrays for drug target discovery
Jeff King, Virogenomics

Hands-on & demos
(bring your laptop)

Modgraph/Daylight Applications
Rashmi Mistry, Modgraph Consultants Ltd.

Deltasoft Applications
Mike Dippolito, Deltasoft Inc.

From 2D based Descriptors to QSAR and Classification Approaches
Darko Butina, ChemoMine


GENSMI: Generation of Genuine SMILES
Michael A. Kappler, Daylight
Thuran Kumar Allu and Tudor I. Oprea, Univ. of NM

Baraka screening
at Jean Cocteau Cinema
6:15 doors open
6:45 movie starts
8:30 Q&A w/crew
Banquet at LewAllen Contemporary
  6:00: Drinks
  7:00: Dinner
Free Evening / Hacking  

Daylight Chemical Information Systems, Inc.