Tuesday-Friday, 22-25 February 2000
Radisson Hotel, Santa Fe, New Mexico

Welcome to MUG'00

This page contains links to our agenda, presentations, Daylight software and all documentation.

MUG'00 links

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Agenda VI

The MUG'00 schedule will be similar to last year's: day meetings and free evenings with banquet on Wednesday night.
22 Tuesday
23 Wednesday
24 Thursday
25 Friday
8:30 Continental breakfast in breakout room
9:00 Welcome!
Yosef Taitz

Dave Weininger

4.71 Overview
Norah MacCuish

Daylight-Oracle Chemistry Cartridge
Jack Delany

Beta Cartridge Utility and Performance
Bernd Rohde

Scott Dixon

10x40k crunch
Dave Weininger

Roger Sayle

Computational Trends
Ragu Bharadwaj

Future Plans
Dave Weininger

10:30 Coffee, tea, snacks, and discussion
11:00 Contrib Directory Tour
Jeremy Yang

JavaGrins with SMARTS
Ragu Bharadwaj

Dali, VDB, depictserver
Dave Weininger

Virtual Chemical Stores
John Bradshaw

Compound Registration
Rashmi Mistry

A "Bit" Larger Database
Michael A. Kappler

Artificial Chemist
Lutz Weber

Open discussion, anything goes.
12:30 Break at 12:30 for group lunch at hotel.
Computers and an Internet connection will be available in the break-out room every day.
2:00 Property Prediction with Java
Yvonne Martin

CLOGP with No Missing Fragments
Al Leo

Alberto Gobbi

3D Scaffold Search
David Wild

Like, Cool!!!
Klaus Gubernator

Ties and Clustering
John MacCuish

Reactions to Markush
John Barnard

Matt Stahl


Beer follows.



Hands-on & demos

4:00 Linux SIG

Hands-on & demos
4:00 Special Topic
Fermentation and Diversity
Randy Chen
Hands-on & demos
Programming SIG
4:00 PyDaylight-II
Andrew Dalke
5:30 Sessions end at 5:30 each day.
6:00 Free evening
Everyone's invited to a star party at Stagecoach Observatory (map to Dave's house). Gather around 7p.
Tour of Wolf Canyon brewery followed by tasting, dinner, music
Free evening
Hacker session in breakout room

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