Thorfilters Exercise #1


Create a database named drugs for the eight molecules listed in the $DY_ROOT/data/drugs.smi file and include their associated data found in the wdi023demo database.


  • Verify that the thor server is running ...SHOW HINTS

  • Verify that the server has access the wdi023demo database ...SHOW HINTS

  • Extract the tdts from the wdi023demo database for the molecules in the $DY_ROOT/data/drugs.smi file by using thorlookup....SHOW HINTS

  • Use thorlist on the wdi023datatypes to create a drugs_datatypes.tdt file....SHOW HINTS

  • Create an empty database named drugs_datatypes...SHOW HINTS

  • Create an empty database named drugs...SHOW HINTS

  • Load the drugs_datatypes.tdt file into the drugs_datatypes database...SHOW HINTS

  • If you have not done so already, set -DATATYPES_DATABASE for the database drugs....SHOW HINTS

  • Load the drugs.tdt file into the drugs database...SHOW HINTS

  • (Optional) For verification view drugs database using xvmerlin...SHOW HINTS

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