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8. Release Notes

Version 4.95:

  • Added support for Oracle 11g and 11gR2.
  • Added initsccolumn parameter to ddblob index creation, allows rapid creation of ddblob index from stored scbits and fingerprints using the smi2scbits() function.
  • Fixed bug on [A] primitive on SMARTS.
  • Fixed buffer overflow bug in role searching.

Version 4.94:

  • The ddblob indextype now computes additional statistics about each molecule/reaction. These are used to improve screening for contains() and matches() searches.
  • Added the exit_on_fault, log, and session_tag options.
  • Fixed bugs in multithreading.

Version 4.93:

  • Overloaded the fdayconvert() function and dayconvert() operator so the unused "type" parameter is optional.
  • Added new logging options. The finfo()/fsetinfo() option 'log' controls the disposition of log data: into a session-level queue (which can be retrieved by ddpackage.fgetlog(), and/or the central logfile, which by default is /tmp/extproc.log, but can be overridden with the listener.ora environment variable DAYCART_LOGFILE.
  • Added new scaffold-based structure analysis for screening. Improves contains() and matches() search performance for some queries.

Version 4.92:

  • Implemented a time-based interrupt and abort mechanism for long-running ddblob index searches. New session-level parameters are "timeout_interrupt", "timeout_abort", and "timeout_progress".
  • Added overloaded form of matches() function with an optional count parameter for the number of hits to return.
  • Added matchcover() function.
  • Added new conversion functions which allow the specification of an alternate ptable file.

Version 4.91:

  • Daycart now supported on Oracle 9.2 and higher only.
  • Conversion toolkit functionality.
  • Reaction transform functionality.
  • Support for range-partitioned tables.
  • New optimizer tuning functionality.
  • smi2pmw() function - high-precision molecular weight.
  • user_similarity() function and index operators. Allows searching with a user-provided similarity measure.
  • Added a mug/coffee demo user under contrib.
  • Added a mechanism to get the toolkit error queue from Oracle. Helpful in debugging SMILES parsing problems or other failures.

Version 4.82:

  • NOTE: a script (upgrade_481-482.sql) is provided. It performs the package replacement and table creation needed to add the vcs-oriented functions to Daycart. Existing Daycart indexes do NOT need to be dropped and recreated during the upgrade.
  • New functions fvcs_desalt(), fvcs_normalize() to assist structure normalization across vendor databases.
  • New function fsetinfo() which allows setting session-level Daycart parameters.
  • Bug fix for matches() query against certain cyclic structures (fingerprint toolkit).

Version 4.81:

  • Supported on Solaris 7, 8, 9. 32- and 64-bit databases. Red Hat Linux 7.x, 32-bit databases.
  • Supported on Oracle 8.1.7, 9.0, 9.2. Standard and Enterprise editions.
  • Added 'alter index ... rename' for all indexes.
  • Added 'alter index ... rebuild' for ddblob index. This reclaims unused index space.
  • Added fcomponent(), component() and the component search to the ddrole index.
  • Added fpartnorm() function and partnorm() operator.
  • The toolkit error queue is now dumped to the /tmp/extproc.log file.
  • Fixed a bug; tanimoto() search on an empty, indexed table caused a failure.
  • Tested, verified and documented import and export of Daylight indextypes.
  • Added fisin(), isin() and the isin search to the ddblob index.
  • Added huge numbers of index-creation options in the parameters field of the create index. These map directly to the Oracle physical_attributes and storage clauses used internally in "CREATE TABLE" and "CREATE INDEX" commands.
  • Added initfpcolumn option for ddblob creation on a SMILES column.
  • Much better predicate handling for searching.
  • CLOB datatypes now legal for most string operations.
  • The fversion() and fhostid() functions has been deprecated in favor of a more general function ddpackage.finfo().
  • Fixed a bug where the inability to write to the logfile (/tmp/extproc.log) caused crashes of extproc.

Version 4.72:

  • Version 4.72 added support for SGI Irix 6.4+ and Red Hat Linux 6.2.
  • Fixed a bug on some Solaris architectures; the tanimoto() index function would intermittently fail.
  • Unified floating point handling to use doubles internally. This eliminated architecture differences in floating point results.
  • Fixed a bug with fprogob(), where the arguments were incorrectly truncated to 4000 characters.

Version 4.71:

  • Version 4.71 was the first fully supported version of the cartridge. It was supported on Sun Solaris 2.7 and Oracle 8.1.5 - 8.1.7, Standard and Enterprise editions.