Daylight Toolkit Programmers' Guide

Daylight Version 4.9
Release Date 08/01/11

DAYLIGHT Chemical Information Systems, Inc. Laguna Niguel, CA USA

Copyright Notice

This document and the programs described herein are Copyright © 1992-2011, Daylight Chemical Information Systems, Inc., Laguna Niguel, CA. Daylight explicitly grants permission to reproduce this document under the condition that it is reproduced in its entirety including this notice, and without alteration. All other rights are reserved.

Table of Contents

1. Introduction
2. Basics: Daylight Toolkit Objects
3. Basics: Polymorphic Functions
4. Error Handling
5. Basics: Strings and Number Objects
6. Basics: Streams and Sequences
7. SMILES Toolkit: Molecules
8. SMILES Toolkit: Substructures and Paths
9. SMARTS Toolkit: Structural Searching
10. Fingerprint Toolkit
11. Depict Toolkit
12. Reaction Toolkit 13. Program Object Toolkit
14. THOR and Merlin: Servers
15. THOR and Merlin Toolkits: Databases
16. THOR and Merlin Toolkits: Datatypes
17. THOR Toolkit: THOR Datatrees
18. Merlin Toolkit
19. Widgets
20. HTTP Toolkit 21. Reentrant Toolkit Interface