Daylight v4.9
Release Date: 1 February 2008


dt_delimiter - retrieve the pipetalk delimiter for a program object

Generic Prototype

dt_delimiter(dt_Handle) => dt_Integer

C Prototype

#include "dt_progob.h"

dt_Integer dt_delimiter(dt_Handle program)

FORTRAN Prototype

include ''

integer*4 dt_f_delimiter(program)

integer*4 program


Returns the delimiter used to divide a program object's return messages into individual string objects. One of DX_PT_NONE (no delimiter) or DX_PT_CR (carriage-return). See dt_converse(3) for how this property affects a program object's return value.

Return Value

Returns one of DX_PT_CR or DX_PT_NONE. This property is defined as -1 for all objects other than program objects.

Related Topics

dt_alloc_program(3) dt_converse(3) dt_delimiter(3) dt_setdelimiter(3) dt_welcome(3)